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Satisfy your hunger for something special and invite your guests to trendy food events: taste and share, individually and socially – your meal becomes a social event with a range of finger food. A changing selection from our huge finger-food portfolio that is full of ideas provides you with numerous surprises and combination options. This is certainly more than just entertaining your guests: Welcome to the SALOMON Finger Food World!


Mini wraps and sliders / Cheese and onion appetisers / Chik’n® wings and strips / Asian finger food / Finger-food skewers / Finger-food specials


Little snacks to make a big impression. Whether it’s at a food stall, at a bar, at events, at the table as a salad topping or as a side dish or a trendy snack to share – our finger food is perfect for anything and it’s never boring. It’s highly inspiring so you will never run out of refreshing ideas!

MINI WRAPS & SLIDERS – Innovative staging

Beautiful eye-catchers – great culinary worlds: our mini wraps and sliders catch everyone’s attention and tempt guests to taste them. The range of filling options and tastes leaves nothing to be desired. Be it with or without meat! Really!

Asia Slider Chik'n® Red Curry

Innovative, authentic, savoury: handformed Asian snack mini, made of Uruchi rice with a filling of hand pulled tender chicken breast, aromatic red curry sauce and crisp vegetables. Light, quick and easy!

  • Original red curry chicken
  • Handmade all over
  • Thaw, individualize, serve

Asia Slider Veggie Mushroom

Unique, authentic, veggi: handformed Asian snack mini, made of Uruchi rice with a filling of king trumpet mushroom and crispy vegetables with spice Soy sauce. Ready to serve, easily decorated!

  • Spicy mushroom-vegetable filling
  • Handmade all over
  • Thaw, individualize, serve

Mini Wrap Asian Veggie 

Great performance: luscious wok vegetables with Chinese noodles inside the handy and creative Mini Wrap. The tasty soy sauce emphasizes the authentic Asia delight, and the handmade look causes the “WOW” effect.

  • Authentic Asian variety of vegetables
  • Hand-rolled — and filled manually

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CHEESE AND ONION APPETISER – Snacking made simple

There is no simpler way: our partially baked canapés are ready to serve in a jiffy and will have every guest’s mouth watering. Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside, and highly imaginatively filled with cheese and onion variations. They’re impressive at any event!

Beer Battered Mozzarella Sticks

Cheese classic with taste: mozzarella sticks with a distinctive sweet aroma which comes from the 11 % beer content in the golden-brown breading. The sticks do not contain any alcohol, pre-cooked!

  • Crispy beer batter
  • Also suitable for kids
  • Long-lasting freshness

Beer Battered Onion Rings Thick Cut

Main role: extra wide, juicy onion rings from whole onions in pre-fried beer batter. The preparation process makes them mild. The piquant sweetness comes from the 9 % beer content, pre-cooked.

  • Top-seller in homemade look
  • Extra large, full of onion flavour
  • Crunchy beer batter

Beer Battered Onion Rings Thin Cut

Ring champion: thin onion rings from whole onions in pre-fried beer batter. The preparation process makes them mild. The piquant sweetness comes from the 9 % beer content, pre-cooked.

  • Top-seller in homemade look
  • Extra slim, high number per portion
  • Crunchy beer batter

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CHIK’N® WINGS AND STRIPS – Clever classics

Essential: as a snack, to go, or at the dinner table – the demand for poultry has been continuously increasing for years. Thrill your guests with any kind of tender poultry: as wings or fillets, marinated or breaded, and with the most varied seasoning blends from every corner of the world!

Recipe idea

Chik'n® Double Stick "Mediterranean"

Buffalo Chik'n® Wings extra hot

Hottie: Like the original from Buffalo, USA, the fleshy chicken wings have a spicy marinade with a fi ne butter note. Connoisseurs say: “These are best!”. Only middle wings and upper wings used.

  • “Hot-seller” with original butter note
  • Special fleshy and gently cooked
  • Reliable calibration

Chik'n® Fingers Coconut

Taste of summer: The crispy coconut breading gives the juicy chicken innerfillets an exotic touch. Serve the summer to your guests all year round!

  • Tender chicken inner fillet
  • Mediterranean seasoning
  • Crispy breading

Chik'n® Fingers Tikka

Wanderlust on the tongue: A crunchy, Indian tikka-naan breading coats stripes of juicy chicken breast fillet. Holiday memories and dreams are coming up, fully cooked!

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ASIAN FINGER FOOD – Imported inspirations

Exotic and extravagant: our product developers carefully inhale the scents originating from the eating houses in Asia. With passion and instinct, they have been creating Far Eastern innovations for domestic markets for decades now: tradition meets interpretation – in an extremely delicious, elegant and convenient way!

4 Asian Delights Selection

Classical quartet: Asian finger Food favourites in four different shapes with authentic fillings – from vegetarian to shrimp and duck.

SHRIMP SESAME WAN-TAN Sesam dough bag filled with juicy pieces of shrimp and refi ned with aromatic coriander.

CHIK’N MONEY BAG A real eye-catcher! Thin dough bag fi lled with tender chicken, cabbage, and prawns.

DUCK SPRING ROLL Dough roll filled with duck meat, onions, and spring onions with Asian Hoisin sauce.

VEGETABLE THAI SAMOSA Fine glass noodles, vegetables, and a hint of lemon grass make these little samosas from Thailand a special delight for any fan of Asian food.

  • According to traditional recipes
  • Easy due to uniform cooking time
  • For steaming and for frying

Asia Cigar Thai Chik'n®

Snacking the Thai way: extremely delicate pastry cigars with a crispy sesame coating and aromatic stuffi ng of chicken, coconut milk, and vegetables in a hot red-curry sauce!

  • Juicy chicken breast pieces
  • Handmade
  • Hot Thai-curry stuffing

FINGER-FOOD SKEWERS – Creative Delicacies

Conventional – but cool: our distinctive skewers and sticks are safe to use and an attractive way to present food – something which is not always guaranteed with finger food in general. The best thing about these creations, however, is their ingenuity and surprise effect. From the samosa to the pasta dish – we can skewer every trend for you!

Asia Stick Thai Veggie

Eye candy: crispy mini pouches on a bamboo stick, filled with crunchy vegetarian pieces, in a tangy curry sauce. Authentic and handmade!

  • Optical highlight
  • Folded by hand

Chik'n® Double Stick Mediterranean 

Stick trick: tempting juicy chicken inner fillet with a Mediterranean marinade as prey between a double stick. This is the elegant and drip-free way to enjoy finger food!

  • Tender chicken inner fillet
  • Mediterranean seasoning
  • Perfect for pasta dishes and rice dishes

Chik'n® Double Stick Sweet Chili 

Not off the rail: juicy chicken inner fillet with a classical sweet-and-spicy marinade, clipped between a bamboo stick. Our elegant finger food idea for drip-free dining enjoyment!

  • Tender chicken breast fillet
  • With a sweet and spicy marinade
  • Great for soups and salads

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FINGER FOOD SPECIALS – Charming Characters

Specialities for special events: tortilla rolls, breaded pulled-pork snacks and mini schnitzels – we are the only company that supplies these finger-food specials. Surprise your guests and fulfil their wishes, even before such wishes have been expressed!

Pulled Pork Bites

Handy pulled pork: Gently cooked pork shoulder with a crispy breading. Perfect for a snack or in combination with a dip! The smoky BBQ sauce and jalapeño cubes give it a fiery seasoning.

  • Innovative: Pulled as finger food
  • Gently cooked pork shoulder
  • Tasty, smoky BBQ sauce

Tortilla Flammkuchen

French connection: tortilla rolls the Alsatian way. Filled with traditional ingredients such as crème fraîche, onions, belly of pork, and herbs. A charming complement for a culinary evening with wine.

  • Classic tarte flambée as a snack
  • Hand-rolled
  • Can be served warm and cold

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