The largest assortment of burgers & wraps on the market

Anything from individual to universal, from simple to exclusive – we make burgers with a soul! And that´s exactly what SALOMON FoodWorld® offers as the largest assortment available on the market: patties in premium quality made for those who love beef, chik’n, and pork – and also for the veggie fans. Buns from classic to fancy, and a great variety of toppings and sauces from characteristic culinary worlds. We have everything for a delicious and picturesque constellation. And, of course, you will also get the knack of how to do the wrap. Promised!


The original burger is always made from 100% beef. But there are various sorts of beef: Different breeds and categories, different cutting and grinding techniques, and varied sizes and appearances result in our plenitude of beef patties. For your convenience, we have created three categories:

Patties on premium level: exclusive & individual

Prime Cut Burger

Premium burger for connoisseurs: A perfect mix of selected cuts. Lean brisket and juicy flank – inspired by the new love of “special cuts“. Make your mark with exclusivity!

Homestyle Burger

Handmade & rustic: An extra tender bite and the irregular shape give it its distinctive homemade character. Pure beef indulgence in premium quality! Raw, unseasoned.

Homestyle Angus Burger

Handmade style meets class: The handmade appearance, the extra tender bite, and the premium, certified ANGUS beef make this burger a threeefold culinary event! Raw, unseasoned.

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Appealing variety: flexible & universal


It's THE American-style classic: Tasty, coarse-texture beef - like a minced steak. For those who love best US burger tradition! Raw, unseasoned.


Quickly served top-seller: The distinctive waffle look guarantees preparation at lightning speed. Its tasty "hot" note makes it so popular. Out hottest bestseller! Raw, seasoned.

Giant Burger

Pure "EATertainment": Our Big Boy is a real crowd pleaser, not only in the modern food service industry. Its internal values: super juicy, mild seasoning blend, special beef note. Raw, seasoned.

Bestsellers with guaranteed success: simple & efficient

Ranch Master® Hamburger

The multi-talent: Appetizingly seasoned, easy to prepare, and available in eight different product weights, this burger is tailor-made for the snack and take-away gastronomy. Raw, seasoned.

Ranch Master® Gigaburger

A real giant: Extra large in diameter and with the popular Ranch Master seasoning - perfect for the XXL burger appetite. Very easy handling. Raw, seasoned.

Quick & Easy Burger

The rocket among the burgers: fully cooked, with a delicious seasoning, and quickly ready to serve. Our Quick & Easy concept saves you work and time, and nevertheless guarantees premium quality! Fully cooked, seasoned.

CHIK’N® UND PORK PATTIES – Trendy Variance

Chik’n® and Pulled Pork Burgers are a must-have on any menu! Poultry perfectly well suits a light and modern diet, and the “Pulled“ trend is not only attractive in culinary and visual terms – it´s also an inspiration. Get trendy burger ideas from us for your multi-faceted offer:

Buffalo Chik'n® Burger

The high-flying addition to the burger range: Juicy, spicy and so popular – the recipe for the success of our Buffalo Chik'n® Wings as a burger. Original yet different – for greater poultry variety on your menu!

Crunchy Chik'n Burger

Crunchy all-rounder: Tender pieces of chicken inner fillet under a crunchy flake coating pamper the connoisseur's palate. Tasty & spicy! Fully cooked, seasoned. Fully cooked, seasoned.

Pulled Chik'n® Burger

Pulled - as easy as never before: Gently cooked chicken breast, pulled, and refined with a slightly sweet BBQ sauce. Easy, quick, versatile. Fully cooked, seasoned.

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SPECIAL BURGERS AND VEGGIE BURGERS – Meatless without renunciation

Whether vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian – more and more people are reducing or even foregoing meat as part of their diet. However, they do not need to do without good burger experience: Our latest coup, the Two-Soul Burger, therefore sets a statement in the meat-reduced market! Discover it as well as our convincing Veggie Burgers:

Two Soul Burger

No half measures: 50 % meat, perfect enjoyment! The mix of beef and mushrooms tastes and looks like a classic burger. For conscious meat-lovers – low in fat and calories.

Sunny Veggie Burger®

The attractive alternative: Meat-free, vegan delight from luscious, sun-ripened vegetables. Yummy, light, health conscious, and without any animal-based ingredients. Pre-cooked, seasoned.

Mediterranean Veggie Burger

Meatlessly happy: Upgrade and variety for the veggie repertoire!
Deliciously-seared Mediterranean vegetables, roughly chopped and refined with characteristic ingredients from popular Mediterranean cuisine.


The visible characters

70 % of what the guest sees of the burger is the bun! So the burger bun holds a lot of potential to carry the innner values of your creation to the outside: Be it homemade-charm, Asian style, or French taste – it´s the bun that shows what´s inside the burger! Get some inspiration here:

Homestyle Burger Bun

Rustic softie: With sourdough and potato flakes – the ideal blend of soft bun and bakery roll unites the best of both. Hand-formed charm with a light crust on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside.

Focaccia Burger Bun

Authentically Mediterranean: With dried tomatoes, olive oil, sea salt, and fine rosemary, thispre-cut bun is fueling the hunger for special burger creations. Let it inspire you!

Laugen Burger Bun

Surprising change: the authentic Laugen alternative to the classical hamburger bun. Looks good, tastes delicious, and also fits the schnitzel! Pre-cut in sandwich style.

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Multi-purpose individualists

A perfect affair: Our Wrap Tortillas are available in different sizes and tastes and thus constitute the basis for a lot of different favourite snacks. Filled with meat, vegetables, fish, or sweet stuff – Wraps, Burritos & Co. fit any culinary world and any event. Wrap them up!

Wrap Tortilla "Spinach & Herb"

Go Green: Spinach and herbs make this wrap an "evergreen" in terms of appearance and taste. Its colour makes it look fresh and favourably distinguishes it from customary wrap products.

Wrap Tortilla "Tomato"

Sun-drenched: This baked tortilla gets its tempting red look from sun-dried tomatoes, which in combination with basil account for the fine, Mediterranean flavour.

Wrap Tortilla "Traditional Plain"

Little multi-talent: Our smallest baked wheat flour tortilla is perfect for soft tacos, fajitas, or quesadillas. Extent your culinary Spanish know-how!

Toppings und Saucen

Beef Topping "Lemon & Chili"

Hot & Fruity: This gently cooked mined beef is seasoned with "Lemon & Chilli" and is perfect as a basis for fillings or toppings. IQF, easy to portion. Fully cooked, seasoned.

The Real Burger Sauce

On the top: Top off your burger with our creamy own creations. The delicious seasoning and the fresh-fruity taste of the tiny chunks are what give the sauce its tasty flavour.

Chili Cheese Burger Sauce

Burger’s best friend: The classic item in the burger scene with an irresistible cheese flavour and spicy hot note. The simplest and most delicious way to give your burger the authentic cheese taste.

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