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We make Burgers & Wraps with soul, we have a proven knack for Finger Food, and we reinterpret classics such as Schnitzels & More. Immerse yourself in our product eatertainment worlds and let us inspire you and astound you with our pioneering spirit. We can offer you a successful partnership, **which is as reliable, quick and flexible as our products!

  • We are well known: As a food service specialist, we have been making statements in the out-of-home market for more than 40 years.
  • We are appreciated: As the market leader, we offer the largest variety of products in Europe.
  • We are trusted: As an innovation expert, we surprise our customers again and again with new, extraordinary products that are highly relevant.
  • We are loved: As a trend setter, we know that guests expect to be thrilled.

Don’t just feed your guests well – make them happy too: our products can be purchased from wholesalers and from cash and carry providers. Please feel free to ask for more information through our live chat feature or call us for free on 00800 0725 6666.

Put a bright smile on your guests’ faces. To help you, we have already prepared something for you …’

World of taste

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Traditions, trends, and a smile

We would like to cordially invite you on a long-distance journey, packed with flavour: fresh vegetables, colourful spices, characteristic sauces. Far Eastern dishes are always a feast for both the palate and the eyes: be it sweet and sour or tangy and tasty, each Asian country has its own traditional recipes and specialities. This is a cornucopia of inspiration for us!


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