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Cauli Wings

The New Wing for your menu: Our vegan Cauliflower Wings are just smashing due to their versatility and their spicy BBQ crunchy coating. Individual sauces & glaze will make your snack concept lift off. Vegan wings made from cauliflower Juicy, …

Funky Falafel Edamame & Herbs

Spherical, colourful, herb-fresh: Vegan falafel balls made from trendy edamame, tempting peas and a hint of fresh herbs. With its crunchy beetroot breading, it´s a powerful upgrade for sharing plates, salads, & Co. versatile, vegan snack balls …

Funky Falafel Ginger & Beetroot

Spherical, colourful, tasty: Vegan falafel snack made from chickpeas rich in protein, juicy beetroot, and digestible ginger, coated with a crunchy carrot breading with quinoa pops. Perfect for dips, scewers, bowls, wraps. versatile, vegan veggie …

Funky Falafel Harissa & Grilled Pepper

Spherical, colourful, savoury: Vegan chickpea falafel with grilled pepper and traditional harissa. Coated with a crunchy carrot breading, they will be the crowning glory of sharing plates, mezze & more. versatile, vegan snack juicy inside, …

Green Heroes Plant Chik’n® Nuggets

Plant-based snack: The finger food favourite, now also available as a vegan option. 100 % wheat protein with authentic Chik’n® taste in an irresistible tempura coating. Fast snack hero that appeals to more than just younger guests. 100 % vegan, 100 …

Green Heroes Plant Chili Nuggets

Vivacious snack delight für everybody: As plant-based version as convincingly creamy as our original. With luscious-spicy jalapeños and crunchy tempura – just snackalicious! 100 % vegan, 100 % plant-based Tenderly melting filling Indistinguishable …

Pickle & Cheese Bites

Addictive snack impulse: The “Fried Pickles“ trend from the US is winning your snack and appetizer menus. Luscious pickled gherkin cubes combined with creamy cheese filling, coated with a crispy-tasty nacho batter. Pickle cubes and tenderly melting …

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