Funky Falafel Ginger & Beetroot

Funky Falafel Ginger & Beetroot

Spherical, colourful, tasty: Vegan falafel snack made from chickpeas rich in protein, juicy beetroot, and digestible ginger, coated with a crunchy carrot breading with quinoa pops. Perfect for dips, scewers, bowls, wraps.

  • versatile, vegan veggie bites
  • juicy inside, crunchy on the outside
  • colourful and decisively trendy

vegan, pre-cooked

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Funky Falafel Ginger & Beetroot
3 x 1 kg = 3 kg (1 kg = 52 - 56 pieces)
NOTE: This is a frozen product.
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Recipe idea

Funky Bowl
  • 6 Stück Funky Falafel Ginger & Beetroot
  • 120 g Reis-Wildreismischung, gekocht
  • 35 g Holzraslinge/Pilze nach Wahl
  • 25 g Rotkohlsalat
  • 45 g Pak Choi
  • 2 g Baby-Zucchini
  • 20 g Rote Zwiebeln, eingelegt
  • 40 ml Teriyaki Sauce
  • 10 g Knoblauch, angebraten
  • 2 g Sesam weiß/schwarz
  • 1 Stück Avocado
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