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After its rapid rise to fame, the burger is now a real staple – and it’s therefore no longer as special as it used to be. So it’s time to start and stand out. And we know how. Quickly changing food trends have created a rather complex market which requires you as a restaurateur to maintain an overview of it: What is in the pipeline? What will remain? What is really important? What can be skipped? What will my guests expect from me and how can I fulfil their wishes? When trends are changing, when the level of your guests’ expectations is rising, and when internal pressure in terms of cost and labour management is also favouring an upward direction, then the motto to survive simply is ‘Don’t get lost!’. There are three crucial cornerstones when looking for good answers and suitable solutions: flexibility, concentration and specification.


Distinguishing oneself and differentiating profitably – that’s exectly what SALOMON FoodWorld® has created these special burgers for. They combine all current, long-term, and essential food trends with premium quality, incomparably authentic taste profiles, and ideas that are implemented in such unique way only at SALOMON FoodWorld®. Find individual solutions here: #be different!

Buffalo Chik'n® Burger

The high-flying addition to the burger range: Juicy, spicy, and so popular – the recipe of our Buffalo Chik’n® Wings as a burger. Original yet different - for greater poultry variety on your menu!

  • Spicy with a slight hint of butter
  • Crunchy, coarsely breaded
  • 100 % pre-cooked = 100 % product safety

Chili Cheese Burger Sauce

Burger’s best buddy: The classic item in the burger scene with an irresistable cheese flavour and a spicy hot note. The simplest and most delicious way to give your burger the authentic cheese taste.

  • Irresistable cheese flavour
  • An ideal topping for burgers
  • Suitable for pumping, not cooled

Homestyle Burger Bun

Rustic softie: With sourdough and potato flakes – the ideal blend of soft bun and crispy roll unites the best of both. Hand-formed charme with a light crust on the outside and soft and fl uff y on the inside. With the handcrafted Homestyle Bun you will perfect even the best burger!

  • Crisp on the outside, super fluffy on the inside
  • Stone baked with uneven crust
  • Pre-cut in sandwich cut

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