Grandma’s meat dishes travel through time to the present

Rustic charm is undergoing a revival on the plate – as a schnitzel or a steak, minced meat, or as a traditional knuckle. Sometimes the palate longs for authentic and traditional food from our childhood. Regional recipes, home-made charm and meat of the highest quality play an important role. With a more modern side dish, the whole thing has a personal touch – bringing your guests gently into the present!


Schnitzels and cordon bleu / Classics / Minced-meat productsts

SALOMON product safety is something you can rely on with any of our meat specialities – it is the same standard we also demand from our selected suppliers. Therefore, we can guarantee that pure taste and the best quality is served on your plates. Additionally, we guarantee that preparation is reliable and uncomplicated. So, be inspired by our interpretations!

SCHNITZELS & CORDON BLEU – Breaded variety

What’s the must-have on any meat menu? Schnitzels! The potential of this evergreen favourite is enormous: as a one-course meal or as a takeaway snack, made of pork or chicken, and covered with various bread coatings according to different recipes. Time to discover this traditional German treasure!

MEAT SELECTION Knusper Schnitzel Chik'n®

Super-crispy outside, tender inside: juicy, natural chicken breast in special crunchy breading for calorie-conscious meat gourmets. Cut in stripes, it's an ideal topping for a salad, for example, fried!

MEAT SELECTION Knusper Schnitzel gebraten

Super-crispy outside, juicy inside: tender lean pork schnitzel with special crunchy breading. Natural schnitzel culinary delight with handmade look, fried.

MEAT SELECTION Knusper Schnitzel Homestyle

Looks like handmade, tastes like handmade: juicy thin lean pork with natural uneven rim and super-crispy, golden-brown breading, raw.

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CLASSICS – Hearty selection

Feast to your heart’s content: cutlets, steaks and knuckles are delightful and exquisite cuts of meat. They can be breaded, partially seasoned or simply cooked on their own – they are always hearty and juicy. Discover this class of its own!

MEAT SELECTION Schweine Kotelett

Beat and hearty: ready-to-cook pork chop with bones - for the aromatic taste. Smoothly seasoned and breaded so that you can concentrate on imaginative side dishes, raw!

MEAT SELECTION Schweinerückensteak "Natur"

Pure nature for your creations: steak of pork, natural in shape and taste. Give free rein to your culinary fantasy and refine the steak with your very personal touch, raw!


The master of metamorphosis among other meat products: minced meat is an all-rounder since it can be used in a lot of different recipes.

HIT "Unsere Beste" Frikadelle

Looks like handmade, tastes like handmade: juicy, tender meatball made of pork, with a hearty seasoning and a brown tan. Fully fried and specially refined with fresh spring onions, fully cooked.

HITSchlemmer Hacksteak

The tender classic: juicy beef patty with a tender bite. The full seasoning indulges the gourmet's palate and saves time on preparation, raw.

HITSchlemmer Hacksteak ohne Zwiebeln

The tender classic: juicy beef patty with a tender bite. The full seasoning indulges the gourmet's palate and saves time on preparation, raw.

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