HIT "Unsere Beste" Frikadelle

HIT "Unsere Beste" Frikadelle

Looks like handmade, tastes like handmade: juicy, tender meatball made of pork, with a hearty seasoning and a brown tan. Fully fried and specially refined with fresh spring onions, fully cooked.

Pork, cooked

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Approx. price per piece
Recommended retail price of SALOMON FoodWorld®

Product specification:
Unit Article number / EAN Price
HIT "Unsere Beste" Frikadelle 100 g
approx. 100 g x 90 pieces = 9,0 kg
7918900 (Recommended sales price)
HIT "Unsere Beste" Frikadelle 75 x 125 g
approx. 125 g x 75 pieces = 9,38 kg
8416100 (Recommended sales price)
HIT "Unsere Beste" Frikadelle 24 x 125 g
approx. 125 g x 24 pieces = 3,0 kg
8416124 (Recommended sales price)
NOTE: This is a frozen product.
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HIT "Unsere Beste" Frikadelle Disziplin & Kontrolle

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