Punk is not dead. Who cares about rules?
We make our own and do things our way!

It’s time for restaurateurs to embrace new vibes and offer their customers taste and product sensations.
Today’s diners want food that’s provocatively delicious, rebelliously good and radically different. Unique creations, bold combinations and mind-blowing sensations – that’s punk snacking at its best.

Try it and make it your own!

New Finger Food from Salomon FoodWorld®

As a food-service expert specialising in finger food, burgers, schnitzels and more, we know our stuff and give your customers what they want!
We have a solution for every channel, every customer and every protein source.

Diners want something different

Diners want something different

Today’s customers know no bounds. They want variety and welcome fusion styles. New experiences, fresh flavours – bring it on!

Healthy treats

Healthy treats

Healthy food and special treats are a must – no compromises. Customers want to strike a balance between nutritious products and culinary experiences. Junk food is in, but so is salad.

National cuisines are in

National cuisines are in

The Foodservice Monitor leaves no room for doubt: international dishes and flavours rock. Create the right atmosphere for your customers and ramp up your range of international dishes. Put together a menu that spans the globe!

VEGGIE & CHICKEN: Growth drivers in the food-service sector

Veggie Stick Curry Masala

Veggies on a stick: chickpeas, sweet potato and carrot seasoned with Indian spices and covered in a crispy coating with linseed and black cumin. Delicious vegan snacks which look fun, too – irresistible!

  • 100 % vegan with a best-selling flavour
  • Popular, practical skewer
  • Perfect served with salad

Veggie Stick Pea & Mint

Like a veggie lolly, this stick makes veg more fun. The skewer contains pea and refreshing mint, quinoa, brown rice and buckwheat coated with crispy wheat pops.

  • 100 % vegan, 100 % snackalicious
  • Popular skewer format and subtle crunch
  • Perfect highlight for events

Chik’n® Stick Nashville Smoked

Nashville flair on a skewer: tender, buttery chicken thigh with an authentic smoky flavour. With their mildly hot and spicy seasoning, they’re a well balanced treat for the taste buds. Give your customers smoke signals!!

  • 100 % juicy chicken thigh
  • Authentically smoked
  • Long hot-holding time

Chik’n® Stick Green Tikka

Guaranteed taste sensation: green Indian spices twinned with a tender and tasty marinated chicken fillet. Satisfy hunger, wanderlust and the craving for new taste sensations quickly and easily.

  • Authentic Indian taste and appearance
  • Hand-skewered – prepared for you
  • Impressive eye-catcher

Boneless Chik’n® Wings

Fuss-free flavour: enjoy the taste of wings without the bones! Tender, naturally reared chicken breast with distinctive BBQ flavouring and a crispy coating. All the flavour with none of the work!

  • Juicy, boneless alternative to wings
  • 100 % naturally grown chicken breast
  • Ideal with a range of glazes

Tajine Bites

Moroccan magic: these spicy, fruity bites instantly transport your customers to North Africa. Delicate lentils, dried fruit, oriental spices and a crunchy coating with black cumin make them the perfect starter.

  • Vegan bites with crunch
  • Trendy starter for your menu
  • Authentic taste

Chili & Lime Chik’n® Bites

This fiery blend of chili, lime and naturally reared chicken breast offers a taste of South America. A Peruvian-inspired, crispy snack sensation.¡Delicioso!

  • 100 % naturally grown chicken breast
  • Fresh and spicy snack upgrade
  • Looks home-made

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