Buffalo Chik’n® – from Wing to Burger

The original recipe of the globally popular Buffalo Chik’n® Wings has been through some 55 years now! This is reason enough to have a closer look at the origin and at the future of the top-seller – as there is a lot of sales potential in it. SALOMON FoodWorld® was the first to bring the US original from Buffalo to Europe in 1995 and today is the unchallenged Chik’n® Wings expert. So it is a logical consequence that it now is us again who surprises the community with the hottest Buffalo Chik’n® coup!


A product discovered by serendipity is capturing everybody´s heart.
Buffalo, US federal state of New York: It´s dark at night, and Teressa Bellissimo is ready to call it a day in her bar, the Anchor Bar. All of a sudden, the entrance door of the bar is flung open and her son and some of his friends are coming in – all very hungry. Teressa conjures a spontaneous midnight snack for the boys us with whatever is left in the kitchen: Chik’n® Wings in “extra hot“ marinade with a mysterious buttery note. The wings come with a Bluecheese “house” dressing and some celery sticks. The boys are tickled pink, and so the Buffalo Chik’n® Wings became a fixed part of the menu overnight. The launch of a rapid soaring flight … By the way: Still today, the Anchor Bar and its Buffalo Chik’n® Wings allure visitors from all over the world.



We were the first: Original Chik’n® Wings in Germany.
Teressa´s Chik’n® Wings were spreading across the federal state of New York and then all over the US in the 1970s and 1980s. This triumph called for the SALOMON FoodWorld® trend scouts to have a closer look at the success snack. The Germany premiere of the “extra hot“ marinated Buffalo Chik‘n® Wings is an extra hot event! Fame and popularity are skyrocketing and are closely connected with the new, thriving Finger Food category. The trendy spiciness is the reason why the Buffalo Chik’n® Wings are hot-selling products, still today – and incidentally they considerably boost your sales of beverages!


Buffalo Chik’n® goes Burger.
Meanwhile our original Buffalo Chik’n® Wings have become one of the best-selling articles in the finger food segment. The buttery-spicy flavour is one of the most popular and most well-known flavours worldwide. Furthermore, chicken meat is part of the diet of people in any culture and perfectly well fits any trendy considered nutrition scheme. The burger market, however, has not at all reached the end of the line in terms of poultry yet: Strong solutions and more variations are needed! So isn´t it reasonable to combine two success stories then? Authentic buffalo taste is available now as a burger!


That´s what your guests are flying for

Cult and innovation – you will get two icons on your menu with the original Buffalo Chik’n® Wings and with our new Buffalo Chik’n® Burger.

Buffalo Chik'n® Burger

The high-flying addition to the burger range: Juicy, spicy and so popular – the recipe for the success of our Buffalo Chik'n® Wings as a burger. Original yet different – for greater poultry variety on your menu!

Buffalo Chik'n® Wings "extra hot"

Hottie: Like the original from Buffalo, USA, the fleshy chicken wings have a spicy marinade with a fine butter note. Connoisseurs say: "These are best!". Only middle wings and upper wings used, fully cooked.

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