Wrap Tortilla "Traditional Plain"

Wrap Tortilla "Traditional Plain"

Little multi-talent: Our smallest baked wheat flour tortilla is perfect for soft tacos, fajitas, or quesadillas. Extent your culinary Spanish know-how!

vegetarian, cooked

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12 bags à 12 pieces = 144 pieces (9,9 kg) 8474200 30,57 €
12 bags à 12 pieces = 144 pieces (13,3 kg) 8485700 43,50 €
24 bags à 12 pieces = 288 pieces (8,64 kg) 8486000 29,59 €
NOTE: This is a frozen product
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Recipe idea

Pulled Wrap
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  • Cost of sales 1,89 €
  • Sales proposal 7,95 €
your profit margin 6,06 €
* Basis: Prices are "approx. prices" for gastronomy without consideration of the VAT.
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