Green Heroes

New generation! Enjoyment redefined!

Food culture and the understanding of nutrition are in a state of sustainable change. It's clear that SALOMON FoodWorld® will deliver the appropriate innovations in 2021: The best SALOMON top sellers are now available as plant-based variants - exclusively developed and available for the food service industry.

Green Heroes & Green Oat Burger – exclusively for you!

Homestyle Burger, Crunchy Chik'n® Burger and Knusper Schnitzel - SALOMON's most adored customer favourites have now each a twin by their side: GREEN HEROES - 100 % vegan made from 100 % wheat protein. And the best thing about it: the consistently authentic taste.

With these 100 % vegan innovations, restaurateurs differentiate themselves: they serve enjoyment experiences that their guests don't get at home and sharpen their profile in the oversized offer. Plus a plus for the kitchen: the handling remains the same!

Guests´s favourites


We have transferred any aspect of our meat topsellers, that your guests love, to products with plant-based protein.



As your guests expect some sort of cuinary delight they won´t get at home.

Wheat & vegan


Local sourcing of wheat from Europe and utmost flexibility for your menu.

One patty for all

The Green Heroes Homestyle Burger impresses all guests - from meat lovers to vegans: Grainy, fluffy and juicy like a beef burger, the vegan hero made from 100% wheat protein scores with authentic taste and look!

Green Heroes Homestyle Burger

Now also plant-based: authentic taste, fluffy texture, same preparation. This vegan hero satifies every guest – from the beef gourmet to the vegan – with its great homestyle properties.

Popular crunch - now also vegan!

The Green Heroes Crunchy Chik'n® Burger made from 100% wheat protein stuns with a Chik'n® Taste that is indistinguishable from the original. In addition, the particularly crispy cornflake breading and a mild spiciness - that's really heroic!

Green Heroes Crunchy Chik’n® Burger

Guests’ favourite with drive: Its stunning Chik’n® taste will leave your guests gobsmacked. A plant-based hero made of wheat – mildly spicy and with a crispy cornflakes breading.

Classic - plant-based & cutting-edge

The Green Heroes Knusper Schnitzel made from 100% wheat protein is also incredibly similar to the original: taste, texture and the authentic handmade character of the typical crispy breading make it a real Plant-Based twin.

Green Heroes Knusper Schnitzel

Plant-based twin: the Green Hero is the spitting image of our crispy original. The taste, the texture and the handmade characateristic of the crispy hero will thrill your guests.

Classic - plant-based & cutting-edge

Last but not least, with the Green Oat Burger, SALOMON is making another statement for all those who deliberately don't want an analogy to the taste of meat: The patty made of trendy oats and power vegetables such as kale, spinach and broccoli convinces with a powerful bite and an appetising natural look.

Green Oat Burger

Green at heart: trendy sorts of power vegetables such as kale, spinach and broccoli create the patty’s tempting natural look. Grainy oats provide for the texture and for a hearty bite.


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