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Bio Homestyle Burger

Handmade look in organic quality: discerning meat lovers who are conscious of animal welfare enjoy the popular Homestyle Burger in the finest organic quality. A tasty greeting from the lush Alpine meadows of the Allgäu region. 100% certified organic …

Homestyle Chik’n® Burger

Chik’n® chic: really juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, featuring the typical Homestyle look. The first Chik’n®-Burger to be cut from the whole chicken breast and coated by hand! Deep-fried and done in a dash. 100 % naturally reared …

Homestyle Duroc Burger

The new pork class: nutty, juicy and ‘sow’ good – this pork patty is sure to enhance your burger expertise. Greater variety on the handmade menu with the finest Duroc meat. Juicy pork with a delicate nutty note 100% Duroc Handmade look and texture

Homestyle Quick & Easy Burger

Handmade without the effort: we have married Homestyle with Quick & Easy. The outcome is a naturally flavoursome burger with a handmade look. Cooked and with the promise of perfect results, it is a real upgrade! Fast preparation, easy handling …

Mac'n'Cheese Burger

The wow factor for your menu: Mac’n’Cheese, the Americans’ favourite dish, as a burger creation! Macaroni and melted cheese in a crispy coating – this rocks as a single patty, topping or side dish. Macaroni with soft melted cheese A crunchy coating …

Red Oat Burger

This one is showing its true colours: when the trendy oat flake encounters old vegetable varieties, our fusion burger sees red. Beetroot with a full-bodied bite – bringing colour and profit to your menu. Beetroot power food, on-trend oats 100% …

Umami Master Burger

Master of the senses: a juicy burger made from grilled mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and dried tomatoes. Full-flavoured consistency – typical natural mushroom taste. That is the uncompromisingly full umami experience! 100% plant-based: mushroom and …

White BBQ Sauce

Surprising look and taste: BBQ – the favourite among the sauces doesn’t always have to be red! With our distinctive smoky taste import from the USA, you can create unique colour contrasts. White BBQ – the smoky bestseller from the USA Universal as a …

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