Knusper Schnitzel Chik'n®

Knusper Schnitzel Chik'n®

Super-crispy outside, tender inside: juicy, natural chicken breast in special crunchy breading for calorie-conscious meat gourmets. Cut in stripes, it’s an ideal topping for a salad, for example!

  • Original crunchy breading
  • Premium chicken breast
  • Cut by hand

Hähnchen, cooked

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Approx. price per piece
Recommended retail price of SALOMON FoodWorld®

Product specification:
Unit Article number / EAN Price
Knusper Schnitzel Chik'n® 100 g
approx. 100 g x 60 pieces = 6,0 kg
8464400 (Recommended sales price)
Knusper Schnitzel Chik'n® 120 g
approx. 120 g x approx. 50 pieces = 6,0 kg
8464500 (Recommended sales price)
Knusper Schnitzel Chik'n® 160 g
approx. 160 g x approx. 38 pieces = 6,0 kg
8464700 (Recommended sales price)
Knusper Schnitzel Chik'n® 180 g
approx. 180 g x approx. 33 pieces = 6,0 kg
8464800 (Recommended sales price)
NOTE: This is a frozen product.
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