• Can I cook the burgers medium?
    We strictly adhere to the requirements of the legislator in our specifications. This stipulates that items may only be served to the guest when heated thoroughly. Therefore we recommend to fully cook our products.
    Note: Additional microbiological controls are required for products that are not delivered to the consumer in a fully cooked or heated state.

  • Can the products also be prepared using household appliances, such as a "normal" oven?
    As foodservice specialist, we develop our products for equipment in the out-of-home market. For all common types of equipment, you will find the preparation recommendations on the packaging or the product passport. For preparation in standard household appliances, we cannot give any preparation recommendations due to the strong fluctuations in performance. In principle, however, preparation is also possible in these devices.

Ingredients & Declaration

  • What does the OK mark on the packaging or product passport mean?
    The product does not contain additives, which must be marked on the menu or menu board, based on German regulations. Attention: Allergens are not included in this!
    This must be indicated!

  • What is the difference between hamburger and burger?
    „Hamburgers“ must comply with a specific composition. This is defined in the guidelines of the German Food Code: Accordingly, the patty of a hamburger must consist of pure beef and may only be supplemented by salt and spices.
    „Burger“ or other designations are not subject to the hamburger definition. They can therefore also be made from meat of other animal species and other additives such as breadcrumbs, onions and egg or purely from vegetable ingredients.

  • Where can I find information about allergens and all ingredients (product specification)?
    The information on ingredients and allergens can be found directly on the product packaging or on our website, where we provide a product passport for download directly on every product page in the "Our products" section.

Storage & Product Safety

  • What is the shelf life of the sauces when they are opened?
    Once opened, the sauces must be stored in a cool place and consumed within a few days.

  • How long can the avocado dip be kept thawed in the refrigerator?
    After thawing unopened at 7°C in the refrigerator durable for 3 days. After thawing, opened at 7°C in the refrigerator durable for 1 day. Do not refreeze after thawing.


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