A lot of brownie-points in the sub-zero range – We are burning for frozen food products

Rather deep-frozen food than deep frustration on cashing-up: Calculating astutely in the gastronomiy means selecting frozen-food products. Here are five good reasons:

As a restaurateur, you need to meet a lot of requirements: Not only does the food need to taste good and come to the table quickly, it also needs to be of high quality, fresh, healthy, varied, trendy, and nice to look at. All that requires basic ingredients which are reliable, good to store, and versatile – i.e. frozen-fresh (FF) products.

TK FF – two letters, many advantages

Frozen, high-quality ingredients are a must-have in a professional kitchen. The advantages accumulate to form a massive, unbeatable food service argument:

  • TK FF is safe
    Our TK FF products are processed when they are still fresh taking the strictest food hygiene regulations into account. Then the processed products are deep-frozen right away. Our reliable business partners and we guarantee an unbroken cold chain during the transport, the storage, and the sales of the goods. Of course, the entire process is documented. So you will receive a product which is unlikely to the greatest possible extent to be subject to microbiological spoilage. This also minimizes the risk that the product itself will cause contamination in your own kitchen. There is hardly any other way to make it safer!

  • TK FF has a long BBD
    The extended BBD of frozen food products is probably the most convincing argument for all those who deal with food. Our frozen burger patties, for example, have a BBD of 120 days subject to proper cooling, whereas fresh minced meat has a BBD of only 0.9 days*. Thanks to a gentle deep-freezing process, the sensitive vitamins and nutrients remain in the food, even if the product is kept in the freezer for a long period. There is no way for fresh products to beat that! In addition, the deep-freezing process can substitute the use of unpopular preservatives. In short: TK FF is the real shelf life king!

  • TK FF is easier to prepare

    When we develop new frozen-food products, we always have an uncomplicated and safe handling in practice in mind, be it in the combi oven (e.g.Rational Convotherm), in a high-speed oven (Merrychef, Atollspeed), in a fryer, on a broiler, or in the microwave. Our preparation hints guarantee rapid and precise success – without any risk, and without any experiments.

  • TK FF is easy to calculate
    Meeting the wishes of the customers flexibly and individually – this works well in the gastronomy only with frozen-food products. Uncomplicated purchase of goods, permanent availability, portionable as required, and quick preparation provide planning certainty and a reliable calculation basis. This is good not only for the available funds and for well-ordered processes in the kitchen, it also prevents food waste – which is an important sustainability issue nowadays!

  • TK FF pays off
    As we already prepare the frozen-food product, we lighten your workload: You will massively save on time as well as on labour cost and on cost of energy. And on top: the above-stated planning certainty, which prevents unnecessary food waste and thus avoids extra expenditure. Plus a quiet conscience for free!


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