Snack Punk

"Punk up your Snacks"

That's the slogan SALOMON FoodWorld® is proclaiming for 2024! No more bland and traditional menus: With this year's product innovations, the food service specialist is making a statement for creativity and anarchy on the snack plates.
A call to all restaurateurs for a new culinary fun culture: Let it rock & do it your way! Because guests are looking for unique, daring creations, and explosive sensory experiences.

Uncompromisingly trendy
The SALOMON FoodWorld® Monitoring reveals clear trends for the food service: Guests want more variety, more courage, and new taste experiences. International cuisines rank high, as well as Veggie and Chicken. And above all, the motto is: Healthy meets indulgence – a creative balance is in demand.

Provocatively delicious, rebelliously good, radically different
Do guests want adventure on their plates? They get it! With SALOMON FoodWorld®, implementing these desires is not a problem even in times of personnel shortages: We have a solution for every gastronomy, every guest, and every protein. And even small businesses can serve fantastic flavors and a handmade look.

TAJINE BITES – Morocco's Magic
Whether as a starter with a yogurt-mint dip or as a highlight on the bowl: These savory-fruity bites transport with every bite to the Orient. Tender lentils, dried fruits, and oriental spices in a crunchy coating with black cumin ensure an authentic taste. Vegan, crispy, fruity – different!

CHILI & LIME CHIK’N® BITES – The Taste of South America
Here, 100% naturally grown chicken breast meets chili and lime – it tastes like a fiery rendezvous with Peruvian temperament! The crispy-fresh snack looks homemade and inspires creative combinations beyond finger food: for example, as a refreshing-spicy Chik’n® filling in a wrap. ¡Delicioso!

BONELESS CHIK’N® WINGS – Snack-happy without bones
The pure wings feeling is now available without bones: Tender, juicy, and 100% naturally grown chicken breast with a characteristic BBQ note and crispy coating. With this wing alternative, guests can now choose between two trendy snack options: lean boneless breast meat or juicy bone-in wings – as they please! Our upgrade tips: refine with individual glaze or refreshing lemon mayo, or use as an alternative to the patty in a burger!

No squares
Even the new sticks are the perfect food highlights for appetizer menus or events. Skewers are all-time favorites and eye-catchers: on the buffet, as an add-on on the salad bowl, as a greeting from the kitchen, or as a quick snack while standing.

Veggie Stick Pea & Mint – Green Lollipunk
The trick with the stick brings more fun to vegetables: Peas and refreshing mint curl around quinoa, brown rice, and buckwheat on the stick. Breaded with crunchy wheat pops, a real crunch hit. 100% vegan, guaranteed popular!
Veggie Stick Curry Masala – Exotic snack fun
An Indian-spiced composition of chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and carrots, wrapped in a crispy coating with flaxseeds and black cumin. This is a 100% vegan top-seller taste with a cheerful and delicious look. And everyone is reaching for it!

Chik’n® Stick Green Tikka – Indian taste & look
Silence hunger, wanderlust, and the desire for new taste experiences: Green herbs of India on a spicily marinated chicken fillet stick. This is how you serve authentic Indian taste & look quickly, easily, and with a wow effect.

Chik’n® Stick Nashville Smoked – Country flair with a stick
Attract guests with smoke signals: Genuine smoke taste meets tender-buttery chicken drumstick. Spiced piquantly and slightly spicy, it creates a harmonious taste experience – perfect for the buffet: Because the chicken drumstick remains juicy even after a long standing time!


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