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We guarantee the highest quality standards.

Working with food carries with it an extra responsibility. As a specialist in out-of-house products, we want to live up to the quality and safety demands of our customers.



  • ISO Zertifikat (9001:2008)
  • IFS Food Version 6, higher level (COID 13448)


Quality management

  • Certified quality management system in line with IFC or BRC, including for our suppliers

  • Recording of chilled and frozen temperatures during production and transportation

  • Regular initial examinations of goods and raw materials



Considering tomorrow today – that is our concern, starting with production itself. You can also take the opportunity to use sustainable products and a responsible environmental protection scheme to create a positive image and to attract new guests

Promoting the next generation in the food industry
The issue of "sustainability" must be successfully anchored in the training of future leaders. As a sponsor of the "Zentrum für nachhaltige Unternehmensführung", we are working actively towards this. For more information about our work in this area, please see the Commitment section of this website.