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Pulled Next Level

Pulled Next Level - slow turns into fast!

Pulled Meat is THE culinary top trend that will find access to your kitchen as easily as never before!
Discover “Pulled Next Level” – spiced up with a good portion of win-win: you as the gastronomist will benefit from flexible product availability and from minimized expenditure. And as a nice side-effect, your guests will be enthralled with the surprisingly new food ideas.

Pulled Chik'n® Burger

Pulled Chik’n® in top form: manually formed burgers, made from gently cooked chicken breast fillets, pulled, and refined with a slightly sweet BBQ sauce. Quick, easy, and versatile, can be used e.g. for a Pulled Burger, a Pulled Dog, or a Pulled Wrap.

Pulled Pork Burger

Pulled – so trendy and so easy: with gently cooked pork shoulder, readily pulled and complemented by a spicy BBQ Sauce. The Pulled Burger scores by providing simple and quick handling combined with versatility.

Asia Burger Bun “Bao Style”

The newcomer in our bun assortment: steamed in a classical Bao style und particularly light due to the mixture of wheat flour and rice flour. Benefit from the trend towards burger recipes Asian style and distinguish yourself with your own profile from your competitors.

Pulled Chik'n® Sliders

Our three delicious Pulled Sliders will capture your guests’ hearts by storm. Ready-to-serve – with creative recipes, extraordinary flavour, and charming handiness.

Pulled Pork Bites

Crunchy breading and a tender heart: Pulled Pork from the pork shoulder, cooked for several hours, in tangy smoky BBQ sauce, refined with strips of white cabbage, Jalapeño cubes, and onions. And all that covered in a crunchy breading!

"Pulled Next Level" Recipe Tips:

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