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BURGERS UNLIMITED – burgers for all tastes

The largest burger range on the market is getting even bigger. With its new products for 2023, SALOMON FoodWorld® is catering even more specifically for burger fans’ individual needs and expectations regarding quality. It is focusing on offering a wide range of protein sources – from beef, pork and Chik’n® to vegetables or plant-based. What would you like?

The burger is here to stay! This all-time favourite has evolved from a trend into a classic, and is now a permanent fixture on menus in almost all food-service channels. However, today’s burgers are a far cry from the original beef patty. Eating habits and preferences are changing in many ways – and the culinary expectations of what makes a good burger are rising too.

Unlimited possibilities for burgers
As a leading burger and food-service specialist, SALOMON FoodWorld® understands the many needs that customers bring to the table: handmade food, a range of protein sources, plant-based dishes, sustainability, variety and cultural preferences. Restaurateurs need a wide-ranging, flexible product portfolio so that they can meet as many needs as possible with a customised, creative offering. This portfolio has to take the challenges of food service into account too. It needs to suit any catering concept, any dining environment, any staffing configuration, and any set of equipment.

The latest innovations from SALOMON expand an already huge range of burgers by adding diverse protein sources in the form of flexible, inspiring, on-trend products.

• The new Homestyle Chik’n® Burger meets customers’ exacting requirements by combining the burger format with delicious Chik’n® and the appeal of handmade food. It is the first Chik’n® Burger to be cut from the whole chicken breast and coated by hand. Juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, it is also quick to deep-fry.

• The first single-breed pork burger is now available! Nutty, juicy and ‘sow’ good – the Homestyle Duroc Burger will add a premium meat option and expand the range of protein on any menu. Top-quality Duroc pork in a first-rate Homestyle burger – perfect for anyone who wants more variety.

• Fresh inspiration from the USA: with our Mac’n’Cheese Burger, we’re offering a new take on the Americans’ favourite dish. With its macaroni and melting cheese in a crispy coating of maize and wheat, it will give any burger menu the wow factor. It also makes a great topping or side dish.

• The new Homestyle Quick & Easy Burger is the perfect blend of top quality and simplicity. Pre-cooked and naturally flavourful, this handmade-look beef burger meets high quality standards – and is also very easy to prepare. The ultimate upgrade for those in search of simplicity.

• Mushrooms are experiencing a revival right now. The new Umami Master reflects this trend. With its uncompromisingly rich umami flavour, this juicy vegan burger made from grilled mushrooms, shiitake and dried tomatoes is the perfect choice to star on any menu. Yummy umami!

• A new vegan burger to complement our popular Green Oat Burger. The new Red Oat Burger is just as colourful and twins trendy oats with beetroot. With its full-bodied bite and easy handling, this fusion burger makes a vibrant and profitable addition to the menu.

• Last but not least, there is a surprising new vegan sauce from the USA. The new white BBQ sauce proves that this popular sauce doesn’t have to be red. With its distinctive, smoky BBQ flavour and creamy, white appearance, this vegan sauce looks good and tastes even better.

Please contact us for more information or images of our 2023 innovations. We’re happy to help.


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