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Noodle Sticks

Wanderlust for the taste buds

Experience classic Asian noodle dishes - now as finger food on a skewer. Our new Noodle Sticks contain the best taste experiences from China, Japan and Thailand. You gain the “spirit of Asia” through authentic recipes, traditional handicraft as well as fresh original ingredients.

Noodle Stick “Sweet & Sour”

Chinese rice noodles on a skewer with fruity pineapple as well as red and green pepper pieces in a sweet and sour sauce.
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Noodle Stick “Teriyaki”

Japanese udon noodles with carrots, spring onions and Asian mushrooms in a well-balanced teriyaki sauce with roasted sesame.
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Noodle Stick “Pad Thai”

Typical Thai rice noodles with tofu and cashew nuts in a traditional pad Thai sauce with a hint of coriander and chilli.
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