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Try Homestyle - collect your Price!

Did you like our MEAT SELECTION Knusper Schnitzel Homestyle and our Homestyle (Angus) Burgers? Reward yourself once more by redeeming one of the enclosed code packages for awesome prizes for your company!

Redeem 10 codes against an AMT Gastroguss pan, 20 against the knife set by Zwilling  and with 30 codes you can even get a Samsung Tablet.

Redeem your codes by 31/10/2017 and choose your reward!




How many codes would you like to redeem?

for the AMT Gastroguss pan

for the knife set by Zwilling

for a Samsung Tablet

Don't have any codes yet to redeem?

It's this simple:

1. Buy MEAT SELECTION Knusper Schnitzel Homestyle or Homestyle (Angus) Burger boxes
You receive one promotion code for each sales unit during the promotion period (01/09 – 31/10/2017)

2. Collect promotion codes

3. Redeem your codes here and secure your prizes!
10 codes redeemed at the same time = AMT Gastroguss pan
20 codes redeemed at the same time = knife set by Zwilling  
30 codes redeemed at the same time = Samsung Tablet

You can find additional conditions of participation here.

Buy our Homestyle Products now and start collecting codes!

Looks homemade, tastes homemade!

Knusper Schnitzel Homestyle! Juicy pork loin without red meat in a golden-brown crispy coating – thin and super crispy.

  • Handmade character
  • Original crispy coating
  • Appears to be larger (though with the same weight)
  • No red meat, only the best pork loin


authentic homemade appearance!

Pure top quality beef delight. Distinctive handmade characteristic and tender bite. For those who love it rustic!

  • Handmade appearance
  • 100 % beef, Angus Burgers are made out of premium Irish beef
  • grainy, light, and juicy