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A new approach on schnitzel and minced meat

Our range of “MEAT SELECTION” schnitzel as well as our minced meat classics provide smart catering solutions – for any occasion and, above all, with a homemade look, feel and taste!

MEAT SELECTION Knusper Schnitzel Homestyle

Pounded thin, with crispy, golden-brown, pan-fried coating, tender and juicy to the bite. Authentic, handmade. Just like our new Knusper Schnitzel Homestyle: it looks homemade, and it tastes homemade. Available in 160 g, 180 g and 200 g.

MEAT SELECTION Mini Schnitzel Chik’n®

Now with a new crispy coating! Its handiness makes it very versatile: use it for a buffet, as a salad topping or in a sandwich – surprise your guests with modern interpretations!

HIT „Unsere Beste“ Frikadelle

New recipe: Finished with spring onions for more flavour and freshness.

Innovations Recipe Tips:

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