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...with the best Finger Food from various culinary worlds!

Whether Asian, Oriental, Mediterranean, American or German, with finger food on your menu you can offer real variety and a culinary world tour for the taste buds. Quickly servable and profitable, our Finger Food is highly sought after amongst restaurateurs.

Best of Asia

With the SALOMON FoodWorld® Best of Asia range you can serve an extraordinarily impressive, authentic Asian experience. Offer your guests real value with exciting and innovative presentation whilst also making your menu stand out.

American Hits

Real American-Style – this SALOMON FoodWorld® range will delight even die-hard diner aficionados and it is a real “dip-pleasure” for all finger food fans. With this range, the favourite Chik’n® bestseller – an offer your guests will flock to.

Mediterranean Hits

Spoil your guests with culinary treats, as delightful as a nice holiday. With light, Mediterranean snacks from the Mediterranean Hits range you’ll fit in with the “wellness” trend.

Indian, Oriental & African Hits

These creations seduce with exotic spices and invite you on an appetising tour of discovery through Indian, Oriental and African cuisine.

German Hits

German cuisine is also “fashionable”! This is reflected in the food service industry where specialties from the German regions are always successful. That’s why it’s just logical to offer the trendy Finger Food range “made in Germany”. With German hits à la SALOMON FoodWorld® you can serve original Finger Food for enjoyment.

Finger Food Recipe Tips:

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Finger Food