Make more out of it – Inspirations are our speciality

“Added Value“ is something like a magic term – but what´s the recipe to use to create added value for the guest?

Of course, you don´t have to give away your desserts for free. Sometimes it´s just a little trick that has a great effect: freshness, handmade style, staging … The idea is of prime importance – and that´s what you get from us!

Great recipes for successful concepts

As your experienced food service partner, we are paving the way: Wie don´t only supply frozen food products, we also supply …

  • recipe suggestions
  • preparation variations
  • concept inspirations
  • trend impulses, and
  • hints on how to present your food

Which means: Not every food service is the same, and not every TK FF is the same! The products made by SALOMON FoodWorld® inspire you to allow more creativity, and they also challenge your flexibility – versatile and extendable.

All-rounders for any event

Our Pulled Chik’n® Burger shows you here how many talents it has: Pulled Next Level

Offer more than just food

Our frozen-food products provide the practical, available and – most of all – high-quality basis for all sorts of dishes and occasions. A schnitzel can play the main role in a lunch meal, but it also can be spread on a baguette in the to-go business, or it can be cut into slices to form the topping of a crisp salad.

It's the combination that scores

Combined with fresh ingredients and refined with an incomparable handmade detail such as a homemade sauce or home-baked bread, the common culinary classic turns into the customers´ favourite instantly.

  • Play
    … with trendy food topics such as Better Burger or Better Side Dishes – great recipes may come out of that.

  • Lure
    … with interessting, temporary campaigns to boost customer loyalty: seasonal offers, prize draws, loyalty programmes, etc.

  • Stage
    … your good food, don´t just serve it: Let us inspire you with our pictures to arrange a modern food presentation on the plate. Smart accessories will arouse emotions on your guests´ side.


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