Product & Nutrition

Local & Sustainable

For us, authentic products produced as locally and sustainably as possible are an obvious choice. We ensure short delivery routes for our raw materials and products and continuously improve their sustainable production.
For example, we source 100% of our beef and pork from Europe, mainly Germany, and do not use beef from South America.

We are working on climate-neutral production along the entire value chain and are pioneers in improving animal welfare.
A clear example of this is the absence of palm oil in our entire portfolio.

Naturalness & Sustainable packaging


  • Our entire product portfolio is 100% palm oil free.
  • With a few exceptions, our products are free from additives that require labelling (exceptions are traditional ingredients such as ham, due to pickling salt)

Sustainable packaging
In the past, we continuously optimised material consumption for our packaging, and now over 95% of our packaging is FSC certified and recyclable. Find out more here

Slaughterhouses and transport


  • A camera system is used in Vion's (our parent company’s) slaughterhouses to monitor processes with live animals. This camera surveillance system is complemented by artificial intelligence.
  • When planning renovations, Vion uses innovative technologies such as virtual reality cow glasses: this makes it possible to perceive the environment from the animal’s point of view.


  • 89%/95% of animal transport (cattle/pigs) can be limited to a maximum of 200 km, which corresponds to a transport time of max. 4 hours.
  • Measures for animal transport during heat waves (>27°C), such as reducing stock density and reducing animal transport at high temperatures.
  • Regular training of transport companies and our employees regarding animal welfare.
  • Standardised transport controls are carried out for each unloading of the animals.


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