Employees & Social issues

Focus on our employees

  • We offer a safe working environment and make a positive contribution to our employees’ satisfaction, health and performance.
  • We promote the integration of our international employees, embrace diversity as a value and strengthen cooperation beyond divisional and site boundaries.
  • We assume social responsibility and play an active role in community life at our locations in a spirit of partnership.

Strengthening integration and cohesion

  • Staff advisers who provide support with all professional and personal questions.
  • Welcome Package with information about life in the region.
  • Employee parties and events, culinary themed weeks, cross-departmental team activities.

Our employees’ health is important to us
We promote and motivate a sustainable and healthy lifestyle:

  • Targeted subsidised healthy food offerings, fresh fruit available at all times.
  • Walking challenge: when our employees achieve the sporting goals we set, the company makes donations to charitable causes in the region.
  • Cycling for the McDonald’s Charity Ride.

Social Commitment

Support for projects in countries of origin
We work closely with our suppliers and partners and support local projects.
In Mexico, for example, we support the farmers and processors of our guacamole to improve living conditions.

Social commitment at our locations and with our partners

In order to support Ukrainian refugees in Romania, we put together a food supply that yields 15,000 meals, mixed with crispy schnitzel, meatballs, hamburgers and pretzel buns. The food was delivered to Suceava in northeastern Romania, where many Ukrainian refugees arrive. Our local trading partner “Marathon Distribution” distributed the goods to the fast food chain “Spartan”. This enabled us to support both the refugees and the Romanian helpers in their care.


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