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Cities are getting bigger and bigger, offering a plenitude of opportunities and thus pulling in more and more people. Urban appeal is also shaking up our lifestyle: mobile, digital, global and interlinked – the modern way of life is redefining the terms ‘food’ and ‘dining’. For example, fixed mealtimes are becoming a thing of the past and snacks around the clock are becoming the new norm! In addition, there is a growing inclination towards combining a variety of the most different national cuisines and a pronounced sense of community. Modern gastronomic culture offers new opportunities for restaurateurs – finger food is the magic idea!


New breakfast / Better side dishes and delivery / Sharing and socialising

Be ready for success: benefit from the potential of modern food culture and try out new concepts! Dining is becoming much more about sharing, breakfast often happens much later in the day, side dishes are now the crowning glory of the plate, and delivery business will be worth considering. Trust us. Follow us!

NEW BREAKFAST – Feasting until the afternoon

Flexibility, uniqueness, casualness and international flair – the secret ingredients for the new out-of-home breakfast boom. As the concept of time is very different for those who live in the city, breakfast and lunch are merging to form brunch. Brunch merges breakfast and brunch etymologically, in terms of time, but mainly in terms of cuisine: it is highly versatile and combines trendy titbits from various culinary worlds. It’s breakfast without limits!

Mini Tortilla Egg & Cheese

Small vegetarian: juicy scrambled-eggs snack, filled with sun-dried tomatoes, crunchy pieces of red pepper, and cheese. Versatile and flexible, also perfectly suitable for your breakfast buffet, pre-cooked.

Mini Wrap Salmon & Egg

Breakfast classic de luxe: scrambled eggs, salmon, and spinach inside the popular and handy Mini Wrap. High-quality ingredients and the homestyle look make it the highlight for the buffet and for between-the-meals snacks. Fully cooked.

Mini Wrap "Asian Veggie"

Small, sharp, and vegan: mini wheat tortilla, filled with Chinese noodles and crunchy Wok vegetables such as green asparagus, pepper, water chestnuts, carrots, and baby corn. Refined with a tasty soy sauce..

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BETTER SIDE DISHES AND DELIVERY – New trends and new markets

Better Side Dishes are premium side dishes that have turned into new trends themselves thanks to the Better Burger. They upgrade your menu and boost the invoice total as the cost of ingredients used does not necessarily need to be
high – it’s the creative idea that counts! Such high-class delicacies will enable you to add delivery as an additional service to your business and will boost your online presence, your competitive edge and the use of your kitchen capacity.

Mozzarella Onion Rings

Top sellers combined: mild Mozzarella sticks and savoury-and-sweet onion rings covered in our popular crunchy breading! Versatile and perfect as "Better Side Dish", snack, appetizer, or topping; pre-cooked.

Mozzarella Fries

Better share it: Everybody tucks in when crunchy and creamy meet! Filigree Mozzarella Stick in irresistably crunchy Tempura breading. The new impulse on the Snack Menu or on the "Better Side Dish“ Menu; pre-cooked.

SHARING AND SOCIALISING – The new food for sharing

Small portions with great added value – that’s the current trend mixture of tasting, sharing and socialising in a nutshell. Since food today is so diverse, colourful, creative and delicious, everybody wants to have a try. For this reason, the urban community is meeting up for joint dining and sharing – people not only physically share their food but also take photographs of it and share it digitally online. Restaurateurs are now scoring points with imaginative and varied appetisers (showing off their innovative flair) and proving that they have a good eye for food presentation. Keywords: Instagrammable food! Then sit back and wait for people to click ‘Like’!

Mini Wrap "Asian Veggie"

Small, sharp, and vegan: mini wheat tortilla, filled with Chinese noodles and crunchy Wok vegetables such as green asparagus, pepper, water chestnuts, carrots, and baby corn. Refined with a tasty soy sauce..

Mini Wrap "BBQ Chik'n®"

Small, sharp, and smoky-hot: mini wheat tortilla, filled with gently cooked chicken breast fillet and juicy pepper slices. The tasty BBQ sauce creates the smoky flavour.

Mini Wrap Pulled Jackfruit

Great presence: pulled jackfruit is the vegan
response to the Pulled trend. The tasty-smoky BBQ sauce and the unique handmade wrap look make this product a premium upgrade for buffet and Co.

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