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Out-of-home breakfast is booming! As the current, modern way of working and living torpedoes accustomed daily rythms such as fixed mealtimes, individual gastronomic solutions and innovative concepts are hot property. The slogan “Food Style meets Life Style“ pretty much describes the new breakfast concepts to meet this demand: all-day breakfast, to-go offers, and varied snack ideas honouring international culinary trends. Join in and rethink breakfast! May we offer you some inspirations?


Handmade charm, snack format, and surprisingly creative recipes – the new breakfast ideas from SALOMON FoodWorld® unite all culinary standards successful breakfast offers should meet. For example, we reinterpret the traditional egg for breakfast: as a handmade Mini Tortilla or Mini Wrap in delicious combinations.

Mini Tortilla Egg & Cheese

Small vegetarian: juicy scrambled-eggs snack, filled with sun-dried tomatoes, crunchy pieces of red pepper, and cheese. Versatile and flexible, also perfectly suitable for your breakfast buffet, pre-cooked.

Mini Wrap Salmon & Egg

Breakfast classic de luxe: scrambled eggs, salmon, and spinach inside the popular and handy Mini Wrap. High-quality ingredients and the homestyle look make it the highlight for the buffet and for between-the-meals snacks. Fully cooked.


Breakfast and lunch merge to form some kind of very popupar “Brunch“ – not only literally but also time-wise and in culinary terms. Innovative breakfast offers available until the afternoon offering a colourful combination of flavours and national cuisines will tell your guests: “Here you can live your culinary freedom whenever you want!“ Sweet, spicy, hearty, vegetarian or not, American, Mexican, French – mix and interpret our products with your personal recipes to create a distinctive Breakfast Special!

Homestyle Chik'n® Fingers Buttermilk

Favourite snack: the successful Chik’n® Finger now with a trendy buttermilk taste and covered in a crunchy and particularly coarse homestyle breading – like homemade. As a snack, as a starter or as a side dish: this product will pull in new guests! Fully cooked.

Nachos "Lemon Spice"

Spicy Champs: crunchy, natural tortilla chips made of corn mash and fried in peanut oil. The hot and fresh "Lemon Spice" nacho seasoning makes them a "gone-quickly" snack - even pure.

Guacamole Classic "Extreme Supreme" (Avocado Dip)

Absolutely premium: most aromatic avocadoes, puréed and smartly seasoned, refined with lemon juice and tomato pieces. The authentic Mexican recipe!

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Good urban breakfast offers are true all-rounders: as uncomplicated meals for the journey guaranteeing both culinary variety and culinary delight on the go as well as a stand-up meal. So create small but sweet, high-class snacks which will provide your guests with power, vigour, and appreciation. Our portfolio offers a lot of suitable ingredients, inspirations, and packaging solutions for that!

Wrap Tortilla "Traditional Plain"

Little multi-talent: Our smallest baked wheat flour tortilla is perfect for soft tacos, fajitas, or quesadillas. Extent your culinary Spanish know-how!

Crispy Chik'n® Fingers

A chicken just in case: The juicy chicken inner fillets with a crispy breadcrumb coating are true all-rounders for many culinary combinations and always leave a sustainable impression, fully cooked.

MEAT SELECTION Knusper Schnitzel Chik'n®

Super-crispy outside, tender inside: juicy, natural chicken breast in special crunchy breading for calorie-conscious meat gourmets. Cut in stripes, it's an ideal topping for a salad, for example, fried!

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Avocado Egg Wrap
Breakfast Snack Egg, Salmon & Cheese
Homestyle Finger Bowl
Loaded Nachos

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