Two Soul Burger

Two Soul Burger

No half measures: 50 % meat, perfect enjoyment! The mix of beef and mushrooms tastes and looks like a classic burger. For conscious meat-lovers – low in fat and calories.

Beef, raw

Icon OK Icon Griddle plate /grill

1,36 € Price per piece
recommended retail price of SALOMON FoodWorld®

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Unit article number recommended sales price
180 g x 24 pieces = 4,32 kg 8508000 32,60 €
NOTE: This is a frozen product
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Recipe idea

Two Soul Burger
Figures in €
  • 1 Two Soul Burger 180 g 1,40 €
  • 1 fried egg 0,20 €
  • 20 g cut lettuce 0,28 €
  • 2 Sch. butter toast 0,20 €
  • 20 g yellow pepper, grilled 0,08 €
  • 25 g cocktail tomato 0,15 €
  • 20 g sauce 0,08 €
  • Cost of sales 2,39 €
  • Sales proposal 8,95 €
your profit margin 6,56 €
* Basis: Prices are "approx. prices" for gastronomy without consideration of the VAT.
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