MEAT SELECTION Goldschnitzel

MEAT SELECTION Goldschnitzel

A real treasure: The best-seller among the pork schnitzels is captivating with its incomparably fresh lemon note and its tasty, golden-brown breading, raw.

Pork, raw

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Unit article number
approx. 140 g x approx. 50 pieces = 7,0 kg 5906700
approx. 100 g x approx. 80 pieces = 8,0 kg 8410000
approx. 110 g x approx. 60 pieces = 6,6 kg 8410100
approx. 120 g x approx. 60 pieces = 7,2 kg 8410200
approx. 150 g x approx. 40 pieces = 6,0 kg 8410500
approx. 160 g x approx. 40 pieces = 6,4 kg 8411100
approx. 180 g x approx. 40 pieces = 7,2 kg 8411500
approx. 180 g x 20 pieces = 3,6 kg 8411520
approx. 200 g x approx. 40 pieces = 8,0 kg 8411900
approx. 220 g x approx. 40 pieces = 8,8 kg 8412300
approx. 250 g x approx. 36 pieces = 9,0 kg 8412400
approx. 80 g x approx. 100 pieces = 8,0 kg 8413500
NOTE: This is a frozen product
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Schnitzel & More

Enjoy crunchy schnitzels, newly interpreted
classics, and hearty minced meat specialities
from a large choice and of top quality!


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