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Prize-winners, youth promoters and a team player – that is what we are!


We are proud of the awards that we have received for the special services provided by our company and for the unique nature and quality of our products.

Awards from 2014

25-year partner
25-year partner "Hotelier of the Year""

Catering Star für Crispy Hot Kicks
Catering Star for CRISPY HOT KICKS

Awards from 2013

Küche Award für Steak Burger®
Küche Award for Steak Burger®

BURGER KING Best Longterm Supplier EMEA 2013
BURGER KING Best Longterm Supplier EMEA 2013

Awards from 2010


Catering Star für Knusper Schnitzel XXL
Catering Star for Knusper Schnitzel XXL

Küche Award für Chik'n® Wings
Küche Award for Chik'n® Wings "Provençal"


Education Sponsoring

As a market initiator, we consider it to be one of our obligations to help improve the career opportunities for young people. That is why, as part of our Education Sponsoring programme, we support select institutions in order to provide youngsters with better job prospects and to create new jobs. It is an investment in the future that benefits everyone involved.


  • Licensor or the ICA Prozessmanager® Production Technology degree at the ICA Institute of Culinary Art
  • TK-PEDIA: The association Deutsche Tiefkühlinstitut e.V. together with its member companies has established a knowledge database for chefs and restaurant owners sharing all necessary information for the proper handling with frozen food. 



We are proud to have a large network of partnerships in the food service market at our disposal. This allows us to keep up-to-date, to mutually profit from each other’s experiences and to identify new trends.


  • Membership of the Deutsches Tefkühlinstitut, the communication and information platform for the German freezing industry
  • Member of the Leaders Club Germany – the exchange and interaction platform for people and partners in the catering industry.