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Buffalo Chik'n Wings

Buffalo Chik’n® - that´s what your guests are flying for!

You have always wanted to know where our "hot" topseller Buffalo Chik’n® Wing actually comes from?
Then join us for an interesting time travel...


Buffalo, US federal state of New York

The time of birth of the Buffalo Chik’n® Wings!
It´s a dark and stormy night, and Teressa Bellissimo is ready to call it a day in her bar, the Anchor Bar located in Buffalo, USA. All of a sudden and shortly before closing, the entrance door of the bar is flung open and Teressa´s son and some of his friends are coming in – full of expectation and very hungry.
Creative as she is, she spontaneously conjures a midnight snack for the boys. And the snack is magic: Chik’n® Wings in a secret “extra hot“ marinade, with a special ingredient to the marinade: butter! The wings come with a Bluecheese “house” dressing and some celery sticks. The creation is stunning, and the gang wants a second helping.
From this night on, the Buffalo Chik’n® Wings have been an integral part of the Anchor Bar´s menu and the guests have been flying for them.

Still today the Anchor Bar is a tourist attraction thanks to its Buffalo Chik’n® Wings, and it allures visitors from all over the world.

Success is gaining momentum…


Federal state of New York

The Buffalo Chik’n® Wings are becoming increasingly popular and are offered across the entire federal state of New York.





South Florida

Out of New York: The restaurant chain "Wings N´Curls" makes the Chik’n® Wings the cornerstone of their menu, and also South Florida gets infected with the wings feaver.



The mayor of the city of Buffalo declares the date of 29 July the official "Chicken Wing Day“.
Meanwhile more than 80,000 visitors celebrate the annual "Buffalo Wing Festivals" taking place in late August.


Florida → USA

The fast food chain “Hooters“ adds Chik’n® Wings to their menu. As Hooters is expanding across the whole country, the Chik’n® Wings are becoming known and popular, and soon they are most beloved by the guests all over the entire US.

Flown in



We were the first: Launch of the original Buffalo Chik’n® Wings in Germany
This made us unique in the market, and we started to set a new trend: The "Finger Food" category was born and established itself in the food industry in Germany pretty quickly!

How did this happen? It was love at first sight!
One of our regular trend-scouting tours in the US made us run into the Chik’n® Wings. The wings typically came with a burger, and the burger at that time was known – and dearly beloved – only in the United States of America. Time to make the product international!

It wasn´t long before the Chik’n® Wings marinated in “extra hot“ sauce were established as highly coveted and hot-selling products on the Old Continent. Besides the unique hint of butter, it´s mainly the distinctive spiciness of the Buffalo Chik’n® Wings which accounts for their success. Spiciness is not only an absolutely trendy topic, spiciness also boosts the sales of beverages and thus constitutes a marvellous sales argument.

Buffalo Chik’n® goes Burger



"Often copied, never accomplished!"
Our original Buffalo Chik’n® Wings have become one of the best-selling articles in the finger food segment, and their buttery-spicy flavour is now one of the most popular and most well-known flavours in the world.
In addition, chicken meat is a perfect diet for people in any culture, and the demand is increasing permanently. There is still a strong demand for smart solutions and greater variety in terms of poultry.
So isn´t it reasonable to combine two success stories? The unique flavour profile of the wings is convincing as a Buffalo Chik’n® Burger and also for new dining categories such as take-away or centre of the plate!

Buffalo Chik’n® Burger

The high-flying addition to the burger range: Juicy, spicy and so popular – the recipe for the success of our Buffalo Chik’n® Wings as a burger. Original yet different – for greater poultry variety on your menu!


Buffalo Chik'n® Wings "extra hot"

Hottie: Like the original from Buffalo, USA, the fleshy chicken wings have a spicy marinade with a fine butter note. Connoisseurs say: "These are best!". Only middle wings and upper wings used, fully cooked.



  • Serve our Chik’n® Wings as a classical side dish to a burger.
  • Don´t forget: the “extra hot“ marinade makes the Buffalo Chik’n® Wings a perfect add-on for beverages and hosts major beverage sale potential!
  • Use our Snack Cup 2 Go (Art. Nr. 840086) for an appealing and also handy presentation of your products. Also suitable for the to-go business.
  • Why not offering our Buffalo Chik’n® Wings on the occasion of special sports events such as Super Bowl!

Fun Facts


What´s the world record for the Chik’n® Wings eating conest?

The world record for the Chik’n® Wings eating contest is 444 wings in 26 minutes, achieved by Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti at the Wings Bowl 2015.


How many Chik’n® Wings does every US American consume annually on average?

Every US American eats 90 Chik’n® Wings per year on average. It will surely be easy for us to top this number, right ;)


What´s the most popular day to eat Chik’n® Wings?

Super Bowl is a great day to eat Chik’n® Wings: Super Bowl Sunday alone accounts for 1.25 billion Chik’n® Wings eaten in the US.


Does the price for Chik’n® Wings increase or decrease during the Super Bowl season?

Due to the excessive demand for Chik’n® Wings during the Super Bowl season, the wing price is increasing drastically in the US in this period. Unlike our price, of course!


What´s the perfect dip for Chik’n® Wings?

No. 1 among the wing dips in the USA is the Ranch Dip (created with buttermilk/yoghurt, mayonnaise, chopped onions, garlic, and herbs), closely followed by the classical Bluecheese Dip.


Who are the irrefutably true lovers of Chik’n® Wings?

The true Chik’n® Wings enthusiasts live in the south of the US and by far outnumber the fans of Chik’n® Wings living in the Pacific region.